middle of nowhere

yol notlarımdan…Sharjahta aktarmalı uçağımı beklerken aklımda olanlar, ben , dünya ve yollar…

listening to : ENJOY THE RIDE…

2 december 2009′ sharjah international airport‘ the 38.national day of united arab emirates thats why the banks and jobs are off outside but we have to wait and wait till the night flight to go home

everry minute i heard in the airport that boring sound of flight schedules…pakistani airlines’ the planes going to tahran’ turbat’ muscat’ bahrain and and and…

air arabia has a lot of flights to asia or middle of nowhere in the world into the strange lifes of that incredible humans…

different cultures and colours of the world’ that i can learn to how important knowledge is’ knowledge about life or being of human’ naturally…

all around india and asia that crowded nations have a lot of difference’ from hwo ? thats the chaos or thats it the unbearable lighthning of our lifes 🙂

in india we see a lots of lifes and many differend kinds of life

i learned them a lots of things’ i want to remember all of them and look again into my simple life’ our egos that makes us blind or obsessions that makes us uncool…

here all nationalities are different differend kinds of clothes and colours…

sikhs are wearing turbans’ afghans are wearing strange dresses’ arabs wearing whife for man and black for womens and they are really beautiful details inside’ not everybody…

GAINED TO THE WORLD…i lost my soul’ maybe its cos im getting old’ all the people that i know’ of gaind the world they lost their soul…

asia is big

this morning when we arrived her from Goa’ from the fullmoon to the sun of desert’ again 1.5 hour back to the west’ there was a plane to kathmandu’ nepal…i wish one day will be there on that plane;;;

this people that all around me’ i will never see again’ i think.

but in india when we turn back again there’ that my friends and family never been here’ we hv a lots of friends and something similar of course

i love that knowledge


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